What having a baby taught me as an entrepreneur

With my 1+ month newborn.
With my 1+ month newborn.

1 — Learn how to say no.

2 — Learn to delegate work.

  • Update the website.
  • Write the weekly emails.
  • Oversee and plan all ads.
  • Build partnerships with other businesses.
  • Teach.
  • Edit videos
  • Speak at events.
  • Create content.
  • Which tasks should I do?
  • Which tasks should I defer?
  • Which should I delegate?
  • Which should I drop?

3 — You don’t need to read every piece of news.

4 — Learn to hack time for productivity.

  • Don’t spend hours reading the news. Get them summarized for you and read them in 3 mins with newsletters like Coffee Break.
  • Use News Feed Eradicator to avoid doom-scrolling on social media.
  • Use automation tools like Zapier to eliminate repetitive business tasks.
  • Hire a virtual assistant. I initially hired on Goget, and then we dealt outside the platform. She’s been amazing.
  • Do CrossFit routines at home for exercise. I used to spend hours driving to the gym, exercising, and then driving back. Now, my daily exercise is done under an hour.
  • Apply the do something principle. I realized that I used to waste a lot of time, thinking and being paralyzed with inaction, especially when dealing with a difficult task.

5 — Have patience.



I share marketing & business stories in the pursuit, study, and act of doing them. Sometimes I share lessons in music production.

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